The King William Association is a registered neighborhood association with the City of San Antonio.  This means the Association receives notifications regarding zoning requests within our boundaries and can make comment reading the zoning change.  I have often been asked why some places need to rezone and others do not.  Below is an interview with Catherine Hernandez, COSA Zoning Manager.

Cherise Bell: What does “change of use” mean?

Catherine Hernandez: A “use” is defined as the legal enjoyment of property for a specific purpose.  A “change of use” is an action to make the use of the property different from its previous use.  

CB: Please provide two “change of use” examples in King William

CH: An example is changing from an office to a restaurant.  Another example is changing a house into a retail store.

CB: What does “change of occupancy” mean? 

CH: A change of occupancy is simply a change of tenant or occupant, which could or could not have an additional change of use.

CB: Please provide a “change of occupancy” example in King William.

CH: 1014 S Alamo, where Hot Joy is the current occupant and China Latina was the prior occupant with the same use - both uses were restaurants.

CB: What is “IDZ”?

CH: IDZ is Infill Development Zone, a special district that can only be requested for certain areas of the city, defined in our Unified Development Code.  The IDZ district was created to assist with the redevelopment of properties that were built prior to parking or setback requirements. 

CB: What is the purpose of IDZ?

CH: This district can be used as a base zoning district in order to specify the uses or zoning district for the property, waive off-street parking requirements and relax setbacks.  This district can also be used as an overlay district for the purpose of waiving minimum off-street parking requirements and relax setbacks.  

CB: How did the City pick 200 feet for notice of a zoning change?

CH: The change of zoning process is a public hearing process that includes notification to property owners and registered neighborhood associations.  The notification is a 200 foot boundary from the subject property proposed to be rezoned.  The 200 foot boundary requirement is state mandated (Local Government Code) and has been adopted as part of our Unified Development Code.

CB: Now that the City is on Nextdoor will you post zoning cases in the future?

CH: We are working to post the link to the Zoning Commission agenda on Nextdoor and Facebook.  You should see this happen in the next month.


- Cherise Be