We are winding up the summer and the term of the current KWA Board. I want to thank the Board for their dedication of time, talent, insight, expertise and passion. It would not be King William without your efforts.

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year of transition and great accomplishments. Here are a few of the highlights:

 Granted $76,553 in funds to support neighborhood organizations that make our community a better place.

 Recruited, interviewed and hired our new Executive Director, Tracy Moon, who has a strong business, financial and preservation background and who will lead us to the next level.

 Updated our financial systems and hired a new bookkeeper.

 Completed an audit of the organization (occurs every 3 years).

 Evaluated our operations to determine whether we were using best practices/standards.

 Re-established our connection with Lavaca Neighborhood Association and exchanged members. KWA and LNA will jointly host a National Night Out event at Brackenridge High School in October.

 The Cultural Arts Committee (CAC) commissioned seating and wayfinding signs within the neighborhood.

 Saw attendance at concerts in the park increase from around 100 to between 250-500.

 Transitioned the monthly newsletter to digital format; a paper copy to be provided for those that want one. The digital format will allow a coordinated communication campaign to members that includes emails, website, etc.

 The welcome wagon will be reinstituted and a new membership drive launched.

 Held the most successful King William Fair, garnering numerous state awards, achieving the highest green certification, having the highest attendance ever and the largest gross and net income on record.

I want to thank you, the members, the Board and the King William Association staff for making the last two years so fulfilling and gratifying. While I have truly enjoyed my time on the Board, working to improve our neighborhood, it is now time for a new president to lead us into the future. I am confident that the organization is in great hands moving forward.