Welcome to 2018, a year of change for the King Williams Association.  Last year we said goodbye and good luck to Cherise Bell, our first Executive Director.  In her five years with the KWA she took a wholly volunteer organization and turned it into a professionally run association with influence beyond its borders and throughout the city.  We wish her luck in her new role as a historic preservation consultant. 

During the search and transition for a new Executive Director, the Board temporarily hired former King William resident and former designer at Ford Powell & Carson, Michael Guarino to serve as our interim director.  Many of you know Michael, who served on the KWA Board and as President in 2011-12.  Michael is an ideal interim director given his deep knowledge of the KWA, neighborhood issues, the City of San Antonio and in his professional capacity as a designer.

While Michael serves as the interim director, the KWA Personnel Committee, composed of Gretchen Kragh, Margaret Leeds, Cherise Bell, Connie Martinez, Zet Baer and myself, is busy pursuing candidates for the permanent Executive Director position.  The job was posted and generated a pool of 21 highly qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds.  The committee has selected six candidates to interview.  Of those, two or three applicants will be put through a more extensive vetting process.  We hope to make an offer to the most ideal candidate in February with a start date of March or April, just in time for the Fair!  From such a talented pool of applicants we are confident that we can find the right person to build on Cherise’s success and take the KWA to the next level.