I hope everyone is having a great summer!  While the kids are out of school, things at the KWA continue to move along. 

The City rolled out its pilot parking program for the King William and Lavaca neighborhoods.  The KWA is assisting with its implementation. If you live or work on an affected street, you should have been contacted by the KWA to inform you about the new parking guidelines.  For more information, contact the KWA office. 

Another issue confronting King William is Short Term Rentals (STRs).  The City has established a committee to review the issue and make recommendations.  The KWA has a seat at the table.  I’ve established a committee to review the issue and formulate a recommendation for the board to consider.  The committee chair is Bradley Toland and members include: Brad Shaw, Christine Becksted, Jennifer Morey, Nancy Shivers and Pat Conroy The committee will be reaching out to the neighborhood for your input. 

Finally, it’s that time of year to begin considering next year’s board.  Each September, King William Association members have an opportunity to vote for new board members. In order to accomplish this task, a nominating committee is formed.  At the May Board of Directors meeting, I appointed Shelley Galbraith, Chair, and Monika Maeckle.  At the June general membership meeting, members nominated and voted for Margaret Leeds, Jennifer Morey and Roslyn Cogburn, rounding out this year’s Nominating Committee. KWA board members serve one-year terms, up to three consecutive terms.  Election of the board will occur at the September 6, 2017 general membership meeting. 

I encourage everyone to consider volunteering to serve on the KWA board.  With a full-time staff, the time commitment is minimal.  The benefits of serving include connectivity and networking opportunities in your neighborhood, creating new relationships, and helping us raise money to support our wonderful neighborhood!