Many of us in King William appreciate and enjoy the amenities that are made available to the residents for free.  There are a number of events that take place in and around our neighborhood that add to the quality of life.  Even if you are not a member of the King William Association, you can sign up to receive the weekly e-blast that announces neighborhood events and visit the King William Cultural Arts District website.  

During this past year the Cultural Arts Committee has provided lectures and concerts.  The lectures by COSA archaeologist Kay Hindes and Cherise Bell were especially enlightening and informative.  Kay reported on major prehistoric and historic archaeological finds in San Antonio including the first location of the Alamo mission (it was moved twice).  Cherise’s talk was on local modern architecture. 

The first performance this season for the concert series was at King William Park by the Brackenridge High School Mariachi Aguila Group.  Other performances were by Rudi Harst & the Rudiments, who entertained us beneath the shaded pecan trees at the Upper Mill Park, as did Jorge & Nicole.  At the KWA office on October 25, three wonderful young pianists performed: Rhiannon Bishop, Helen Nebeker and Mark Rogers, who are competing in the San Antonio Music Ambassadors Classical Piano - International Piano Competition.  The Golden Persimmon Quartet, a classical string ensemble composed of professional musicians, performed on November 8.  Again, the music was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.  Ethel Pedraza organized the concerts.  

The KWA hosted a yard sale in October for the first time and netted over $1,000.  Anne Alexander headed a group of volunteers who spent many hours of preparation and tagging each item.  A big thank you to those who donated their items for the sale and to the volunteers.

The 1032 S. Alamo building has been leased by FASTSIGNS as a retail outlet.  They will move in on January 1, 2016.  

The Parking and Transportation Committee met with the City on November 23 to review the first technical report.  We will provide a report on this study after the committee has had the opportunity to review and comment on the City’s recommendations.  

The KWA Board has adopted a shared parking agreement for the spaces in our parking lot (exceptions will be made for our own events).  The KWA wants to set the example by leasing some of our spaces.  We are asking for commercial property owners who have parking available to consider sharing their spaces with local businesses to help alleviate our parking congestion.  

We have a new Fair employee, Melanie Whitely, who has experience with nonprofits and events.  She has replaced Carol Jackson.