It has been a busy and intermittently wet spring for all of us, but the rain is the herald of good news.

Thanks to the army of dedicated volunteers, and the forbearance of everyone in the Fair zone, the King William 2012 Fair appears to have been a smashing success. There will be more to report when final accounting is completed, but I can say that the Fair topped last year’s proceeds, so all the effort truly was rewarded. The Fair staff made me an ID badge on a lanyard (making me feel like a belled cat) but the label allowed me to receive a lot of first-hand feedback from visitors. I was surprised by how many out-of-towners there were, including an entire family from Houston who’d piled into the car on a whim and come to try the Fair. I ran into an attorney from Bermuda who tells me she came last year and now will make a visit to King William an annual event on Fair day. Even the parade seemed to be moving more smoothly, partly due to its reduced bulk, and partly, no doubt, to the lack of interference from speeding fire engines. The only one in the parade this time was an antique, the one we expected. Not that there was anything wrong with the arrival of the SAFD last year - as usual they were doing their competent and careful best to minimize damage.


We now have an Executive Director, Cherise Bell. You’ll be seeing Cherise with more regularity after she starts full time with us the first week of June, but she has been in and out ramping up for the job, and spent Fair day looking at that complex operation from inside out. Cherise has the ideal blend of talent, experience and qualification for this important new position. She was second in command to Anne McGlone at the Office of Historic Preservation; she’s written a number of National Register nominations; and she has come to us from her most recent job as planner and preservation officer for New Braunfels. She’s also managed staffs, dealt with real estate and insurance issues, and teaches yoga. We might need a group rate for the Board.

We have a new Board member too. Andrew Sherwood has joined us to fill out an unexpired term. Andrew and his wife and daughter live on Cedar Street, as it turns out just around the corner from yours truly. He is an attorney, and we look forward to his able service for King William.

Summer is being signaled already, not so much by the heat as by Janice De Lara’s wonderful concert series. The first, in case you missed it, was on Mother’s day, featuring the Austin Piazzolla Quintet playing lush tangos in the gathering dusk. Picnics on the green grass, light reflected out of the sky on the rippling river, popping corks and strawberries. I agree with the herons circling the concert: King William is a wonderful place to be.