My view of the King William Association and our community has been shaped by my experiences as surely as yours has. I arrived in San Antonio in 1992 when I began training to be a surgeon at Wilford Hall Medical Center for the USAF. All new officers are sponsored by a local family to welcome them. My sponsors were Warren and Gina Dorlac, who invited me to dinner at their old house on Adams Street. I was enchanted by the neighborhood because it reminded me of the place I had just left behind.

I never lived in an old house growing up. As the daughter of a military family I moved every two to three years, finally ending up in Charleston, SC. I spent high school, college and medical school all in South Carolina so it’s my “where are you from” state. During medical school in Charleston, I would run or walk around the historic city and was amazed at the homes and the stories behind them. My mind was made up: one day I would live in an old home.

In 1999 the dream became a reality when John and I moved into 309 King William. On moving day we pulled up in our U-Haul (yep, that’s right – we didn’t have much) and while unloading I was greeted by Janet Francis with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Four years later when Sarah was born Gina Walker organized neighbors to deliver dinners to our door for an entire month! A few years ago King William Area Kids kicked off, expanding our zone of friends and fun with other families.

This is my “social network” and I value it immensely. When we bought the house we didn’t know there was a KWA. We thought the KW Fair was put on by the Fiesta Commission. As years have passed and I’ve learned more about the KWA mission and how it’s accomplished I’m even happier I found an old house in this community. Just last month the KWA presented grants of almost $75,000 to community organizations, overwhelmingly for programs to support our schools. I don’t know of any other neighborhood so grounded in its history and investing in its future.

It’s membership renewal time for the KWA. Renew today, and if you’re not a member, come join us! All are welcome!