In my initial column I introduced myself and described why I got involved in the King William Association and encouraged you to join us. In this column, I am asking you to consider doing even more than just joining the KWA. We need active, engaged and energetic members to do the work of this organization. We’re looking for you!

There is no doubt we have some very active members, as you will read about throughout the newsletter. Patricia Duarte, devoted mom and super organizer arranged another successful National Night Out event with visits from our local politicians and public safety providers. She even managed to arrange spectacular weather! Roslyn Cogburn and Carmen VanMeter have been hard at work updating memberships in preparation for the KWA Directory that will reappear this fall after a two-year hiatus. There are many more energetic members that I don’t have the space to mention here who work on our committees, programs and events year round, but we still need more neighbors to step up to the plate and take their turn at bat.

Why? There is simply a lot to do. We have several standing committees that lack Chairs and members, including the Planning Committee, charged with developing short and long term projects for the KWA to pursue; the Community Concerns Committee, to address issues like traffic, parking, new zoning, and First Friday; the Tourism Management Committee to encourage neighborhood-friendly tourism while discouraging commercial vehicular tourism and minimizing the impact of organized runs; and the Publicity Committee to get the word out on all that the KWA does. In addition, there are Socials to plan, the Garage Sale and Home Tour to coordinate, and the expansive volunteer requirements yearly for the Fair.

Why you? This is your community and you can either watch things happen or make things happen…which will you choose? Call the KWA office today at 227-8786 and let us know how you want to get involved!