2013 is here! I’ve always been mystified by the notion of an unlucky “13.” Even Wikipedia doesn’t have a solid answer as to its origins. But indeed it’s pervasive in our culture, and even the hospital where I perform surgery has over 20 operating rooms but none labeled 13. Interestingly, in other countries like Italy and China, 13 is considered a lucky number. Numerous successful sports figures have worn the number 13 and had good seasons while doing so. In the end, I’m not a big believer in luck anyway, but rather in the concept of making your own luck through hard work and effort.
In this first edition of the 2013 newsletter, I’d like to share a list of some of the things the King William Association Board of Directors and staff have been addressing. I chose 7 to highlight just because it’s lucky!

  • First Friday – We have engaged the City on ensuring vendors are following city ordinances and have permits; we are working to ensure temporary “no parking” signs are placed to enhance safe passage for emergency vehicles; we have contracted for trash and graffiti clean up on the first Saturday and will seek City reimbursement for this service.
  • Charity runs – We have reached an agreement with the City to limit the number of runs through our neighborhood.
  • 114 Cedar – We have opposed relocation or demolition of the structure and have pledged financial support to preserve it.
  • Expansion at Blue Star – We succeeded in negotiating C1 zoning for this new development which will preclude outdoor amplified music.
  • By-Laws – the KWA By-Laws are in the process of being evaluated for revision under the leadership of Andrew Sherwood.
  • 1032 S. Alamo – Landscaping of the front yard will be completed to improve visibility of the KWA office .
  • Planning – Max Martinez led a group to analyze our current programs and how they fit within the scope of our charter and mission, and identify gaps the organization has in fulfilling its charter.

I plan to keep you informed this year of what goes on behind the scenes. I’ll leave it up to you to judge 2013 as “lucky” or “unlucky.” This article was written the 13th day of January (although it wasn’t a Friday)!