When You’re Not in Kansas Anymore

I feel slightly entitled to use the subtitle above as I have actually lived in Kansas. Of course I don’t remember much about it since I was a toddler at the time. We moved to Topeka, Kansas for just 11 months in 1968 prior to an overseas assignment for my dad to Germany. I’m sure at that point, with a 2, 4 and 5 year old, moving around the world was an incredible, yet probably difficult, change for my family.

Change continues to occur in the King William Association, which is nothing new, but as mentioned in my last column I want to keep you informed about what goes on behind the scenes. While everyone may know our organization is a nonprofit, not everyone may understand all that the designation implies. Besides using our revenue to further our purposes as stated in the KWA charter, there are other operational and organizational requirements for nonprofits. Starting with our immediate Past President Michael Guarino, and thanks to increased revenue from the Fair, we have begun the process of ensuring the KWA meets all the requirements necessary to maintain our nonprofit status while continuing our everyday work. These efforts include the following:

  1. Board education for the last two years by nonprofit consultants at the beginning of Board members’ terms.
  2. Hiring an Executive Director to work with the President and Board to manage the KWA and ensure continuity from year to year.
  3. Hiring a new accounting firm with nonprofit expertise to work with staff on bookkeeping and taxes and provide advice on deficiencies or potential for improvement in our accounting practices.
  4. Reviewing and revising the By-Laws.
  5. Evaluating our current programs in reference to their support of the Charter before embarking on a more long-term strategic planning
  6. Pursuing bids for an audit of the organization.

While many of these endeavors may not be exciting, they are necessary for the continued success of our organization. The KWA has doubled its revenue over the last ten years from the Fair, allowing us to do a multitude of good things for our area, but we must not forget the regular required maintenance as we change. Installing a beautiful new vintage chandelier is always more exciting than paying the electricity bill, but both are necessary.