As I write this article the King William Fair is looming large, but by the time you read this, it will have come and gone.  For most of us the Fair is a really big, but short-lived event: Thursday parking restrictions followed by Friday closing of the Fair Zone and set up, and then the Saturday main event.  When we wake up Sunday, it has mostly disappeared, save for some confetti, temporary street markings, and equipment waiting to be picked up.

For the King William Association Staff, though, the Fair is a year-round event.  As soon as one Fair is over, preparation for the next begins.  Zet Baer and Susan Rothman work all year to keep our major fundraising event successful.  This year they were joined by a new seasonal employee, Carol Jackson, during the home stretch.  In addition, our Executive Director Cherise Bell and Neighborhood Association Coordinator Monika Perez-Moad pitched in as needed.  I want to thank them all on behalf of the Board of Directors and all of our members for their hard work and commitment to our organization!

In addition, I want to thank our volunteers and neighbors for a tremendous effort each year.   They fill numerous roles before, during and after the Fair. Many return year after year, and I had the pleasure of meeting some of them at the Fair Kickoff Party in March.  I want to especially thank Michael Girdley for his service as Fair Chair.  His energy and enthusiasm made him a perfect fit.  The KWA is very fortunate to have so many friends! 

Many of our neighbors enjoy the Fair as a favorite Fiesta event, but I recognize that some neighbors are less enthusiastic about the size and/or impact of the Fair.  To everyone, I thank you for your support of the Fair, as it provides the funds we use to support our organization and fulfill the goals of our charter and mission statement.