Do you have any idea how many volunteers it takes to stage and operate our KW Fair? 50, 100, 500?

How about over 1,000! Yep, ONE THOUSAND!

Fortunately, we live in a city with corporate neighbors who respond to and participate in all kinds of nonprofit organizations and events – including OUR FAIR! Need a breakdown? Here you go!

  • USAA, H-E-B, Jefferson Bank, NuStar Energy, Admission Gates, 138
  • USAA, Volunteer Check-in Booth, 3
  • Frost Bank, Art & Craft Booth Sitters, 40
  • CHRISTUS Health/SR Children’s Hospital, First Aid, 60
  • UPS, Entertainment Transportation, 70
  • Valero, Beverage Booths, 185
  • Roller Derby Girls, Parade, 35
  • Brackenridge HS Football, Environmental, 168
  • UTSA Student Organizations, Compliance, 10
  • UTSA Student Organizations, Green Team, 41
  • McNay Museum, Energy Transfer, BHS, Art Tent, 26
  • Social Media Club Parade, Live Stream, 8
  • Freetail Brewing Co., Bike Valet, 10
  • Mission Trail Rotary Club, Kids Kingdom, 40
  • St. Joseph’s RCBA, St. Joseph’s Booths, 20

     Total 854

So where do the other 150 or so volunteers come from? You are right – our neighbors and friends – and YOU.

Here is another breakdown:

Neighbors and friends:

  • Art & Craft Team, 10
  • Street Marking, 8
  • Office Help and Book Sorters, 25
  • Finance, 8
  • Coffee Welcome Wagon, 10
  • Food Team, 24
  • The Cannoli Fund, neighbors, Ilse’s Attic Merchandise, 22
  • KWA Board (our neighbors) Whatever else needs done, 15
  • Key Committee Chairs, 26

     Total 148

None of the above addresses the number of person-hours worked by all these volunteers. SO – what are you waiting for? Look at all the opportunities to help your neighborhood and have fun too! And don’t tell me that you used to work for the Fair a long time ago and have done your time. Do you still live here? Do you still enjoy our hood? Contribute!

Are you a 20- or 30-something living in the hood, have enjoyed the Fair but have not participated in staging the Fair? Please join us!

Are you renting here in KW? You are really in the majority in this neighborhood – please join us!

Call the KW Fair at 210-271- 3247 if you wish to volunteer for any of the above-mentioned committees.

Alternatively, call the Committee Chair directly and tell them you want to volunteer. Here is a list of your friends and neighbors who dedicate many hours for a successful Fair.

  • Beverages – Phil Parsons and Eddie Romero
  • Food and Fair Chair – Annice Hill
  • Art & Craft – Chris and Nancy Price
  • Street Marking – John Hartman
  • Highway Woman – Rose Kanusky
  • Compliance – Joe and Mary Helen Mansbach
  • Parade – John Doski, Sylvia Aguilar, Alicia Spence-Schlesinger
  • Environmental – Doane Derricks
  • Finance – Alan Cash, Jessie Simpson, Bill Cogburn
  • Coffee Welcome Wagon – Pat Otten and Randy Dalton
  • Photography – Brad Shaw
  • Volunteer Check-in Booth – Sherry Hess
  • Operations Whiz – Elizabeth Flynn
  • Ilse’s Attic – Nancy Diehl
  • Kids Kingdom Art Tent – Stefani Job Spears

I am hoping and praying for sun and 80°F on Fair Day, but, more importantly, I hope to see a lot of neighbors out and about – before, during and after – helping us host a great 2018 King William Fair!

Viva Fiesta!

- Annice Hill