We were thrilled to unveil our 2018 King William Fair logo artwork and introduce artist Paula Cox at the February General Membership Meeting!  Please read on to learn more about Paula and her inspiration for this year’s logo artwork.

- Syeira Budd, Fair Manager

I moved into the King William neighborhood in 2005 when I purchased my wonderful home from Mike Schroeder and began my adventures on Madison Street.  As an artist, I’ve been involved in Southtown gallery spaces and First Fridays for years, so to move into the neighborhood was a special treat!

Blue Star Arts Complex is the location for Mockingbird Handprints, a store that specializes in local art/textiles that I co-owned with artist Jane Bishop.  I’ve recently left that position but continue to show my work there and help out occasionally.

My artwork has evolved from oil painting to relief printmaking and making my own handmade paper.  One of my favorite series of print images came from a variety of royal crowns I did.  For the King William Fair logo and Fiesta medal, I knew a crown would be a great choice!  I worked with a variety of designs based on crown images and began to create the logo and medal design.  I added flowers and color for Fiesta flare!  I hope you all enjoy it this year!

- Paula Cox

See more of Paula’s artwork at paulacoxartist.com.