In July 2007, Keith and I moved back to San Antonio when he retired from private practice and accepted a clinical professorship at the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School.  We bought a house in the suburbs and started our life in SA!

After two years in the suburbs, Keith asked me if we could sell the house and move “downtown.”  I agreed and we sold the house in THREE days!  So, having to move in a hurry, we found St. Benedict’s Lofts and moved in the day before Thanksgiving, November 2009.  

The King William Fair the next April 2010 was our first.  We had already joined the KWA but did not volunteer that year – just enjoyed our first Fair.  We loved standing on Madison behind St. B’s watching the parade.  I enjoyed all the shopping for arts and crafts.  We both enjoyed the food and drinks, and Keith enjoyed the music so much that when I met him walking down Madison after 6:00 p.m. and called to him, he could not even hear me.  He had placed his chair right in front of the speakers in King William Park and sat there all day! 

We were hooked on King William and the fabulous Fair!  Sometime before the 2011 fair, there was an appeal in the newsletter for a new food chair – I did not even see this, but Keith did; he told me I should do it, and I told him that I would if my friend, Ginger Ardid, would co-chair with me.  That is how the Spice Girls of St. B’s were born (get it, ginger and anise).  I remember standing in the St. B’s parking lot at about 10:30 p.m. the evening the 2011 Fair.  Ginger and I were hot, dirty and exhausted – but we had had so much fun!  For several years until his death in June 2016, Keith made sure all the volunteers got hot coffee early on Saturday morning of the Fair.  He helped Ginger and me too with our Food committee tasks.  

I have served as Food Chair for all the KW Fairs since (with Ginger as Co-Chair most years).  Besides helping our Fair to be successful, I have enjoyed getting to know all the great food vendors who feed us every year so deliciously.  

Speaking of volunteers, Ginger and I have had many great food committee volunteers working for us on Friday and Saturday every year – usually about 10 to 16.  Many of these volunteers have worked for us year after year.  If you are reading this, you know who you are – I LOVE you and am grateful for all your help! 

What an honor to serve as the Fair Chair this year – a completely, brand-new set of skills to learn!  If you have never volunteered for the Fair in any capacity, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Is it hard work?  Yes.  Is it fun?  Yes!  Is it rewarding?  YES!  

There are many tasks to accomplish months, weeks and days before the day of the Fair – so you can volunteer early and still have time to host your guests for the BIG DAY.  Or spend your Fair Day volunteering.  Host your friends some other time when they can drive in – you can always make them corn dogs and funnel cakes!  

- Annice Hill, 2018 King William Fair Chair