The votes have been cast and the winners declared for the 2017 King William Parade.  Suffice it to say “arbitrary” is the word of the day as the level of awesomeness among our MANY participants was the best we’ve seen yet.  

Our dutiful team put their heads together, eyes glazed over from wonderment, and voted with their hearts.  And while they wished an award could be given to all – winners had to be selected.  So, without further ado – here they are!

Best Visuals: The Southwest School of Art 

Best Animals: Texas Longhorns 

Best Kids Entry: Slab Cinema 

Best Music: Ukulele Ladies & Gents 

Best Fiesta Spirit: Cowboy Poodle 

Best School: Bonham Academy 

Most Comedic: La Tuna 

Best on Wheels: SIP Creatives 

Best in Show: Austin Oddities Golden Living Statues 

Most Entertaining: The Heart of Texas Skaters

Most Recognized Local Celebrity You Couldn’t Actually See: Spurs Jesus 

Honorable Mention: Star Wars Society of San Antonio

- Noah Peterson, King William Fair Coordinator