We’d like to say welcome and thanks to Alicia Spence-Schlesinger.  She is the Graphics, Merch & Promos Manager at Freetail Brewing on S. Presa.  Before that she served the same position at Blue Star Brewing Co.  Alicia has had a parade connection with the King William Fair for many years in planning and executing the Blue Star parade entries. 

Last May, Alicia asked me about volunteer opportunities in working with the Parade team.  I was ecstatic – here’s a woman who knows how to put on events!  I gave her one project, included her in my planning, gave her more projects, and the rest as they say, is history.  She took off running and has added so much to the Parade team.  Along with her good ideas, she is a great personality with an abundance of creative energy. 

We are already planning for next year and are so happy to have her on the Team!

- Sue Duffy, Chief Parade Wrangler