This year’s King William Fair Parade Awards Team – Robert Young, Doane Derricks (KW residents and new Fair/Parade volunteers), Sarah Cooper and John Milam (Parade photographer and assistant) – had a hard time choosing from all the great entries, and insisted that the Parade participants deserved this many awards!  

The Awards Team also wanted a special award for the Alamo City Roller Girls.  While technically not a Parade entry, they do expertly organize the Parade line-up and flow, and skate the whole route.  

  • Best in Show:  Slab Cinema
  • Best Kids’ Entry:  School of Science and Technology - Discovery
  • Best Visuals:  Pi Arts of San Antonio
  • Most Entertaining:  M.O.S.T. Mermaids of South Town
  • Most Comedic:  La Tuna’s Selenas
  • Best Outreach:  Girls Inc.
  • Best on Wheels:  Brotherhood of the Coast
  • Outstandingest:  Order of Granaderos y Damas de Galvez
  • Best Animals:  Fiesta 4 Paws
  • Best Live Music:  Huppertz and Fenwich Elementary Choir & Drums
  • Best Musicality:  Pride Show Band of San Antonio
  • Special Award for Biggest Heart:  Alamo City Roller Girls – THE Parade Wranglers!

For more award photos please check out the web page:

- Sue Duffy
Chief Parade Wrangler