As we look forward to the improvements on S. Alamo Street we must also be mindful of the disruption that this will cause to the flow of traffic in and through our neighborhood.

The Fair staff and Parade Committee recently met with representatives from the City of San Antonio (Public Works and Traffic), SAPD and Bexar County Sheriffs. There was a tremendous amount of brainpower and expertise in the room, which allowed for a very productive time. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the construction along S. Alamo and how it will affect the King William Fair and Parade. All agreed that our primary concern is for the safety and security of residents, participants and Fair visitors.

The project is scheduled to begin November 12 and is expected to last approximately two years. During this time S. Alamo will be closed to through traffic from Probandt to Pereida Streets. Residents and businesses along S. Alamo will have access to their property. VIA will reroute buses to S. Flores.
At this point, we will stay with the parade lineup and route that we used last year. Fair staff will continue to evaluate and monitor the project, communicating with the Project Officer to make sure that the crossings, E. Guenther at S. Alamo and Wickes/Johnson at S. Alamo, will be paved with asphalt in order to maintain a safe thoroughfare. S. Alamo will be open for the flow of pedestrian traffic on Fair day. Work on the entire project will be shut down from April 15 – 28 to allow for Fair and Fiesta preparations.

Again, we know that this interruption to the routes we use to travel to and from the events of our daily lives will present delays and impediments. Please be patient with all involved in the project. In the end, it will all be worthwhile.

- Zet Baer