Growing up as a nomad, Jeremy moved to King William with his wife, Alexis, after several years in New Orleans. As Mark Twain noted, San Antonio is one of the four unique cities in the United States, and so Jeremy and Alexis sought an area of the city that showcased this spirit. Their search landed them in our historic neighborhood. After moving in Jeremy stopped in at the office to pay his membership dues, and right then and there Susan Rothman, Fair Coordinator, enrolled him in volunteering for the Fair. The rest, as they say, is history! Jeremy has served alongside Jack Kent as Environmental Manager, bravely handling trash and recycling for the past two King William Fairs.

Jeremy is an avid coffee enthusiast, serving as a certified sensory judge for the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Unfortunately, as it turns out, drinking and judging coffee actually has a negative cash flow, so, to pay the bills, Jeremy serves as the science advisor to the Department of Defense Hearing Center of Excellence. He is also an adjunct research faculty member in the Research Imaging Institute at the UT Health Science Center. He has a wide research background, ranging from designing displays for remotely piloted vehicles to using noninvasive brain stimulation to enhance cognitive function in humans. Jeremy can sometimes be seen running around the neighborhood wearing a respirator and carrying strange objects like punching bags or flipping a tire (all in the interest of science, of course).

We welcome him as the 2014 King William Fair Chair!

- Zet Baer