…in the mid-80’s when La Focaccia Italian Grill was a muffler shop. I remember driving in there, not to get a pizza but to have a new muffler installed on my car

Alan Cash

…back in 1972 when Hazel and I were in the process of moving into our new place on King William Street. We had just arrived in town from Virginia – been driving all day; me pulling a trailer and Hazel driving our car. I was dog tired after a long day on the road so I walked out to the street to stretch my legs when this guy walked up and said, “Do you like good Mexican food?” “I sure do,” I replied. “The best Mexican food in San Antonio is just down the street at a place called El Mirador,” he said. When Hazel and I got around to going there to eat, I recognized this same fellow. Then he introduced himself as Julian Trevino.

Al Conner

…when the two old mansions in the 300 Block of Madison burned to the ground in the late 1980’s. Shortly before they burned, they were used as a setting for a chase scene in the 1987 movie, Nadine starring Jeff Bridges and Kim Bassinger. At first, the neighbors thought it was exciting to have the film crew working in the neighborhood but after a few days of equipment noise, bright lights and trash, many were wishing they would go back to Hollywood.

Bill Cogburn