This fall the City will be investing $1 million dollars to improve South Alamo Street from Pereida to South St. Mary’s Streets, providing pavement, bicycle lane and sidewalk improvements.  After working for over a year with City staff regarding South Alamo Street, the City identified and secured funding to improve the street.  However, due to a funding shortage the project was not going to add new street lights.  To add pedestrian street lights to match those installed on South Alamo Street south of Pereida, the City needed additional funding.  

Not to be deterred, we continued to discuss the project with City staff and the councilman’s office.  TIRZ 11 (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone) was identified as a possible funding source.  

TIRZ 11 was designated in 2000 to support redevelopment and public infrastructure improvements. The areas encompass portions of the City’s downtown, east and south sides.  The Zone is approximately 2.5 square miles and is expected to capture $16.5 million in tax increments in its life of 14.79 years.  This funding gap prompted the KWA to apply for monies from the TIRZ 11 for infrastructure improvement.  

After submitting a multiple page application that required coordination with the City’s TCI department (Transportation and Capital Improvement), and going through a competitive process, KWA was awarded $160,000 to pay for the purchase and installation of the needed pedestrian streets lights.  

- Cherise Bell