As summer temperature continue to rise and it rains less, lawn shrubs may be showing signs of stress such as yellowing or loss of leaves. If you primarily water your garden with an automatic sprinkler system it is likely that deep-rooted plants are not getting enough water. Sprinklers are good for shallow-rooted plants such as grasses, but not shrubs. The situation can be easily corrected by letting a hose run near the base of the stressed plant for a few minutes every couple of weeks until cooler and wetter weather returns.

Want to conserve water usage and reduce your water bill? A recent article in the SAWS newsletter stated that a lawn irrigation system can use more water in ONE week than your entire family uses in a month. SAWS provides a free irrigation consultation that can result in changes to your water usage and may earn you a nice cash reward. Call 210-704-SAVE (7283) to schedule the free irrigation consultation.

Around Labor Day is a good time to trim roses by about one fourth so they will bush out and have more blooms in the fall. Evergreen shrubs that have become overgrown can also be trimmed as needed. New growth will “harden off” before freezing weather arrives.

Fertilize flowerbeds and lawns if it has been two or more months since the last application. It will strengthen root systems and protect them from freezing winter temperatures. Use an organic granular fertilizer.

To help in planning your garden there is a free list of xeric plants and local sources of organic gardening supplies in the box to the right of the King William Association office door.

What is a STOOP? It is a place between the private house and the public street. It is a place from which to observe the goings on up and down the street. Stoop sitting is the social commitment that binds a neighborhood.