Sitting at Liberty Bar for our official review visit recently (as the restaurant closest to our house, we’ve made...many visits), we tried to decide what kind of restaurant it is. American? The puntas norteñas contradicts that. New American? The pot roast sandwich disagrees. Well, it’s a bar, right? Part of it.

Our answer came from the omniscient Google on the iPhone: “Eclectic Restaurant.” Ah, bingo.

 “Eclectic” implies perhaps a little more excitement than Liberty Bar’s menu provides. But for a restaurant that offers chiles rellenos, cheeseburgers, four fettuccine dishes, and something called the “Magic Salad,” eclectic about sums it up. This is to say nothing of the decor - a map of Egypt, ample neon, a painting of white birds, and a drawing of a beaver pond (or something).
All this is to say, after more than a dozen visits, we really don’t have this place pegged down, and odds are you don’t either. So, let this be less of a review and more of an advice column for how to dine at Liberty Bar.

  • Liberty Bar serves breakfast on the weekend. This is probably the least eclectic thing they do, but they do it well. We are egg snobs, and have never been let down.
  • Check the chalkboard with the specials. Whether it’s the entree-, quiche-, pasta-, or salad-of-the-day, the chalkboard mixes things up. Always consider the specials.
  • Sometimes they serve downstairs, sometimes they serve upstairs. Just do what the sign says when you walk in.
  • The bar is upstairs, to the right. One day we shall accumulate that many bottles for our home bar.
  • Monday night is 50% off wine bottles, bringing wine prices down to near what you’d spend at the grocery store anyway.

Sprawling, (okay, maybe even eclectic) menus are a pet peeve of one half of your reviewers, but we do agree that Liberty Bar almost never produces a bad dish.

As our neighboring table departed on the evening of our official visit, we overheard one of the party say, “... I was expecting it to be more of a pub.” But that’s the thing with Liberty Bar. Leave your expectations and labels at the door.

- Kristin Krenz & Patrick Steck