The King William Association became a registered neighborhood association with the City of San Antonio in 1989. According to the City, the purposes of registered neighborhoods are to:


  • Guide and unify community efforts for neighborhood improvement
  • Foster working relationships with City Departments and City Council
  • Support communication network to area agencies
  • Encourage business, property owner, resident, religious organization and civic institution participation

A benefit is notification of public hearings and zoning cases. This is important to KWA as notifications allow us to voice an opinion during the public hearing process. Zoning cases affect what can be built or how a building can be used, which can have an impact upon the quality of life of our neighborhood. If you are located within 200 feet of the property requesting a zoning change or variance, per Texas State law you should receive a notice and may make a comment regarding the request. Please contact the KWA office and let us know your opinion of the zoning change or variance, so staff can report to the Board.

In the past, staff worked with neighbors and the developer of Blue Star Phase 2 to reduce the zoning classification, thereby removing the potential of outdoor amplified noise. More projects are planned within and adjacent to our neighborhood. KWA works to foster a cooperative atmosphere between neighbors, developers and businesses to maintain diversity and improve our quality of life.

- Cherise Bell