Voting members: Jack Kent (Chair), Christine Viña, Derek Klepac, Max Martinez*, Chris Price*, Pat Conroy*, Anne Alexander* (* also members of the KWA Board of Directors)

Contributing member: Charles Schubert

The primary function of the AAC is to comment on cases to be heard by the City of San Antonio Historic and Design Review Commission (HDRC) that are located in King William or may have an impact on our neighborhood. Because the AAC may be perceived as speaking for the KWA, a majority of our voting members are also members of the Board; other members have a background in architecture and other design professions. We seek to rotate the non-Board members through voting and contributing status. In practice, nearly all AAC decisions are reached by consensus.

430 Adams is a new home to be built on a vacant lot. An initial design submission, which aroused concern from neighbors, was regarded by the AAC and HDRC as incompatible with the historic character of the neighborhood. The revised design submission, which is substantially different from the first, reflects extensive cooperation between the applicant, HDRC, and the City Office of Historic Preservation and should be a positive contribution to our neighborhood. Conceptual Approval means that the project will require a second review to receive a Certificate of Appropriateness (a prerequisite for a building permit). We thank the applicant for their respectful response to the historic review process.

Historic review is required by City ordinance for all construction, demolition, additions, and maintenance work within the King William historic district … including landscaping, fencing, tree removal, and other sitework. Many cases (especially maintenance work like repainting) can be handled by administrative review. If you are planning a project, we encourage you to contact the AAC in advance – we can help identify potential concerns and prepare you for the review process. Contact the KWA office or Jack Kent, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

- Jack Kent, Jr.