SAY Sí’s middle and high school student-artists uncover and illuminate the neglected episodes of San Antonio’s history in the exhibition Stories Seldom Told: Omitted Histories. 

Through the annual Stories Seldom Told exhibition, SAY Sí student-artists critically examine topics that go unaddressed in everyday life.  After voting on the subject of the exhibition, the young artists collaboratively research and create multidisciplinary installations that shed light on often-ignored issues.  Previously, students have explored race, class, mental health, poverty and educational inequity. 

As San Antonio celebrates its 300th anniversary of Spanish colonization, SAY Sí artists chose to uncover eradicated local narratives through extensive research using oral histories, accounts from historians, local mythology and archival materials.  In their work, students also consider why these stories have been neglected and the mechanisms that keep these stories hidden. 

Omitted Histories opens May 4 and runs through June 2.  More info at

- Stephen Guzman
Communications Manager