The Association was founded in 1967 by a group of neighbors concerned about what was happening in and around the King William Area. In the last decade, changes in our neighborhood have begun to escalate. With a volunteer Board with term limits, members began to see the need for a full time professional staff member to provide continuity from president to president and board to board. A liaison to government agencies, local businesses and surrounding neighborhoods was also needed.

After a couple of years of discussion, former Board Vice President Johnny Heidelberg took on the role of volunteer Executive Director to “test the ropes” and see how the position might function. After several months, the Board decided the time was right to post the position. An ad hoc personnel committee was formed and a consultant employed to find the best candidate. Several qualified applications were received; interviews were conducted and a choice was made.

“From the start, we knew Cherise Bell was one of the top contenders,” Johnny Heidelberg said. Cherise has a business degree from UTSA and a master’s in Historic Preservation from the University of Utah, and had worked for the City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation. Knowing City staff and how government entities work was seen as a big plus. Plus she has owned and lived in a home in the King William neighborhood since 2004.

Since becoming Executive Director, Cherise has received a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership, became a Certified Texans for the Arts ‘State Arts Advocate’ and a Certified Tourist Ambassador, plus attended COP training (Cellular on Patrol).  These trainings have helped her to organize the association and ensure compliance with Federal and State laws and implement best business practices. 

Successes have included receiving grants from the San Antonio Area Foundation and the Texas Commission on the Arts and recognition three years in a row from Centro as the BEST Neighborhood.  Another success was effectively having “NR” a noise restriction added to the City’s UDC (Unified Development Code).  Implementation of the zoning will help with future rezoning requests.  Cherise and the Board are constantly looking for ways to make King William an even greater place to live.


Monika was born in Corpus Christi and grew up in Portland, just over the harbor bridge. She graduated from Gregory-Portland High School and attended Texas A&I University majoring in elementary education. She also attended Del Mar College in Corpus Christi where she trained to be a dental assistant. “That’s where I developed my passion for dentistry,” Monika says.

“I started out as a dental assistant then moved to the front desk where I was trained to become the office manager. I’ve managed dental offices in Corpus Christi, New Braunfels and San Antonio. After fifteen years in the field of dentistry, I decided to try something new so I worked as an office manager for a local document shredding company for seven years.”

“After a year off to be with my ailing mother, I decided it was time to get back to work - which brings me to this job which I adore. The office staff, board members and neighbors have made me feel so welcome; it’s a delight to work here. My strong points are my organizational and communication skills, plus I think I always have a positive attitude which I hope spreads to others.”

“I have been married ten wonderful years to a great Christian man, David Moad. I’ve had a very blessed life. David and I are huge dog lovers, especially Boxers - we currently have two sweet baby girls, Franny and Stella. I enjoy spending time with my family – my parents and brother still live in Portland in the home where I grew up. I try to visit them often. I love traveling, especially to Las Vegas. I love gardening, going to concerts and eating good food. I’m also active in my church and a member of Saint Gerard’s Guild at Saint Pius X Catholic Church.”

Monika’s energy, enthusiasm and ready smile are a definite asset to the Association.